How To Make The Perfect Brew

How To Make The Perfect Brew

There is nothing better than going through the process of steeping the loose leaf tea you just got in the post, then sitting down to enjoy it. There are a few steps, to get the most out of your loose leaf tea and it can seem like a little bit of an effort but trust us, it's really not as hard as it sounds and it really is worth it.

Your going to need a kettle with a filter to be able to steep and then catch the loose leaf tea. The most common way to steep loose leaf tea is with a glass infusion tea pot. 

Not everyone is going to have something like this sitting around but there are other items in the kitchen that you can use that you are more likely to have already. The good old coffee press is a perfect replacement for the loose leaf infusion pot. Just remember you will not need to press down the loose leaf tea just leave it floating around.

You will need to follow a couple of steps to get the best flavour out of your loose leaf tea, to make things easier for you, we have listed them out below - 

1. Water 

The water you use will have an effect on the taste of the tea. If you are in an area where the tap water tastes ok when you drink it, it’s likely you will be fine. If not then it might be worth filtering your water before boiling. If you can taste something in the water it will transfer to the loose leaf tea you brew with it. 

If you have the time and you're happy to put in the effort, filtering the water will always produce a better flavour from your tea. And let’s be honest it’s really not that much effort.
Your water temperature will also have an effect on the loose leaf tea you’re brewing. If you are brewing a green tea the water wants to be around 85℃ otherwise, the brew will taste bitter. Black tea, on the other hand, will need water temperatures as close to 100℃ as possible.

2. How much Loose leaf tea do you need?

This is a subjective step, ultimately, if you like your tea strong put more in. It will involve a little bit of experimentation until you find that perfect amount of loose leaves.
 A good starting point is roughly 3 grams of loose leaf tea to every 200ml of water.. Don’t forget you will be able to brew up at least twice with the same loose leaves. This also has the benefit of tasting the brew when its a little weaker. If you prefer it then you can put less loose leaf tea in at the start.

3. How long do you need to steep the leaves?

Again, this is a little subjective, the longer you leave your selected leaves in the pot the stronger the brew will be. Generally, you will need to leave your tea leaves for at least 3 minutes.

4. Milk And Sugar

This one is entirely up to you, if your trying a new type of loose leaf tea then it might be best to try it without anything first. You never know you might love it. Some tea has a very subtle flavour, adding milk and/or sugar will overpower this. 


In conclusion

It's really not that hard to brew up a truly wonderful pot of tea. You are likeley to have everything you need to try it for the first time and trust us, once you have tried loose leaf tea, you will never look back. Just follow the steps above, experiment a little and you will be a tea officianado in no time.  

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