The 7 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

The 7 Best Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

We know how it feels when you're trying to find the perfect gift for your other half or a friend and you're looking for some inspiration. 

Fear not, as we have some amazing ideas for you, if you have a tea lover in the house or in your friendship group. We have all budgets covered too, from the extravagant to the more economical. 

Where to start?

We are relatively confident that if you are buying for someone that is already a connoisseur of the best loose leaf teas available, they will most likely, already, have everything that they need to make a perfect brew. However, don't be put off, we can assure you, anyone that enjoys tea will love a new teapot regardless of how many they already own. Below are 3 options at different price points. 


You cannot go wrong with a really nice clear glass infusion teapot. Don’t bother with one that can be heated on the stove top, you will be forever cleaning the marks of it. Plus, we have found, that it's just easier to boil the kettle and pour the water in. 

You should be able to pick something like this up for around £20 on Amazon.

Best Loose Leaf Tea

Middle Ground

This is where you can get a little bit more adventurous and shoot for something like a Tokoname Kyusu Japanese style teapot. They are beautiful to look at and fun to use. Perfect for someone that is a creature of habit and enjoys the same tea daily. 

The unglazed versions need to be used with the same tea leaves all the time. If not, you end up tainting the taste as the pot itself takes on some of the flavour.

You should be able to pick up a quality Kyusu from around £50 and up. They can be picked up on Amazon easily. 

Best Loose Leaf Tea


Now this one is reserved for only those, you truly want to spoil. Get ready as it might just make your eyes water. 

Fortnum and Mason, do some wonderfully beautiful tea ware items and you can truly loose hours looking through the website at all the fancy tea ware, ranging from anywhere between £100 and £1000 you can truly find something that you can spoil someone with. 

We really like the Royal Crown Derby Antoinette, but it is extremely expensive for a teapot.

Best gift ideas for tea lovers

What about something unique?

Let's be honest, most of the time we want to find something that they might never have seen before, that will be a nice surprise but at the same time will not break the bank. It would also be a huge bonus if it would work as a stocking filler. 

Everything in this section can be purchased for under £30 and is small enough to stick in that stocking or add as a little something extra. 

Tea pet

Have you ever heard of a tea pet? It is a little “pet” that is used when going through a traditional tea ceremony. The tea pet is normally brought out on the tray when you have brewed up a pot of tea, the first pour from the teapot is then poured over the tea pet. 

This is because you're not supposed to drink the first pour of the pot as it is believed the first pour never tastes as good as the rest of the pot. The tea pets are normally unglazed clay so that they change colour over time and take on the scent of the tea. 

Best gift ideas for tea lovers

They are normally based on the zodiac animals so if you're buying for someone that loves a good horoscope then they are perfect. You can also find them in other fun forms. They can range anywhere from £15 - £50. 

Etsy is your best bet for this one. 

Flowering Tea

Now, this is something that is likely to be something that they have never tried or even knew about. There is a little bit of a prerequisite here though, the receiver of the gift will need to have a glass teapot, to be able to enjoy the full experience. Unless you plan to get them both that is. 

We sell a selection of flowering tea online at a very reasonable £5.99 or you can source them from elsewhere if you are looking for something different to what we offer. They will tend to be around £2/ball depending on how many you buy, including the packaging and the postage.

Best gift ideas for tea lovers

Tea Boat/Tray

Have you ever found that, sometimes when you make a teapot full of your favourite tea, you just don't want to keep on getting up to fill your mug? You also don't want to make multiple trips to get everything you need to your cosy spot! 

That is where the tea boat comes in, big enough for your teapot and a teacup or mug, not forgetting the tea pet you may or may not have already. You can get them in many different styles ranging from around £20 and up.

If you want something fancy, you can get it handmade with specific woods or you can stick with something a little more standard and pick it up from amazon. They make a great addition to someone's tea ware. 

Best gift ideas for tea lovers

What about the obvious?

So, if you want to get the tea lover in your life something for Christmas, why not just play it safe and get them some loose leaf tea

If you want to go for the safe option, ask them what they normally drink. Want it to be a surprise, keep it simple with breakfast tea. Maybe you want to treat them a little, if they like it sweet go for chamomile. If they don't tend to have sugar in their tea, opt for chai.

 best gift ideas for tea lovers

Do they love milk in their tea? Maybe they are a coffee drinker that you want to convert. Get them some earl grey and send them the instructions to make a London fog. 

Whatever you decide we have you covered and to help ease that Christmas burden on the run up to the big day we are running 15% off all tea. No code needed; the discount will be added automatically to the basket.


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